Food in jyotisch astrology

Food Astrology: best diet according to your chart?

Doshas, Planets and Tastes All around the world we are familiar with the phrase: “You are what you eat”. Vedic Astrology and food choices are of course related to Ayurveda. In this ancient science it is acknowledged that every taste has an influence on the so-called three ‘doshas’. The doshas are body types, which determine our physical state. Food in astrology is related to the …

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doshas Ayurvedic astrology

Ayurvedic doshas: body in Vedic Astrology

In medical astrology, Vedic Astrology uses concepts from its ‘sister science’ Ayurveda. This ancient and medical discipline is based on the five elements which also permeate all Indian traditions and ancient civilisations alike. From subtle to gross the elements and their Sanskrit names are: ether (akash), air (or wind) (vayu), fire (agni), water (jala) and earth (privthi). Ayurveda is well known for its capacity to …

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The Lotus in Jyotish grows in mud

Free Online Vedic Astrology chart learning options

Learning Vedic Astrology online for free Many start learning Vedic Astrology for free by printing their own chart with a free Vedic chart calculator. A common next step is looking up the deeper meanings of planetary placements and conjunctions. I also started off like this and in this article I share my experiences: Where to find good online sources? How to learn Vedic Astrology for …

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Candles and lamps as Vedic Remedies

Vedic Astrology Chart Reading

I am frequently asked how I prepare for a Vedic Astrology chart reading. This depends very much on the question and context. Therefore, I never endeavoured writing an article on this topic. However, as I felt this is also an understandable and natural curiosity, I decided to post some basic features that I use as a foundation of a Vedic Astrology chart reading. It is …

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